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Business Meeting

Are you a Business interested in Engaging & Empowering your Team?

North Star Solutions is a Coaching & Consultancy business who specialises in optimising business performance through engaging and empowering your people.


Our Philosophy is to identify the steps in assessing your business's performance and what we can do to make the desired improvements.

We do this through a set of people assessments as a partner of Thomas International.

We look at each situation with an independent set of eyes to improve the business performance through a solution focused approach. 

Our strengths are working in the areas of Coaching & Communication and thereby creating a clear achievable strategy which can be implemented with our support.  

Supporting People Development

Introducing Long Term Team Development


Engaging & Empowering the Entire Team


Retaining & Managing Talent


Developing & Growing the Workforce


Recruiting and Deploying Talent

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What sets us apart?

Donal's natural ability to assess the performance of management & staff will challenge and empower your team or organization, to increase their level of performance and overall excellence. 

He has a true passion for developing people, helping them to better understand themselves and become a better, stronger and more capable people.

His unique passion and commitment to helping you and your business achieve your success is what separates North Star Solutions from other Learning & Development Organisations.

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